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C&C95 Patch 1.06c revision 2 released
Posted by Nyerguds on December 11th, 2011

Project 1.06 finally updates, more than a year after the previous release. Combining the classic exe hacking with the external CnC-DDraw dll gives this new release a huge list of new features.

Read the ModDB release article for a full overview of the new features.

Here's a quick overview of the major additions:
  • Free resolution control; you can play in any resolution you want
  • Videos stretched without black horizontal lines in them
  • Videos stretched to fullscreen in higher resolutions
  • Windowed mode available
  • Better support for maps with less than 6 starting points
  • A new configuration tool combining the settings of both CnC-DDraw and the game itself into one set of easy options.

Some of the smaller features:
  • A beep is now played when receiving a message in multiplayer
  • The radar minimap is no longer zoomed in by default
  • All game fonts have been updated to correct errors
  • Colour errors in the stretching of the Nod map selection screens have been fixed

The new patch can be downloaded at the Project 1.06 website.
The full release notes can be found here.


C&C95 v1.06c revision 1 released!
Posted by Nyerguds on October 1st, 2010

It's finally here... more than 2 years after the release of patch 1.06b, and almost a year after its last update revision.

Command & Conquer '95 v1.06c (revision 1)

The patch focuses mainly on expanding mission making and modding. Besides that, there are of course actual game fixes too though:

  • The messed up colours problem on Windows Vista and Windows 7 has been fixed, by putting the game in DirextX compatibility mode.
  • The problematic Funpark mode has been removed, and, using the new mission making functions, the dinosaur missions have been added into the New Missions menu as two campaign launcher items, one for GDI and one for Nod.
  • Using the arrow keys on the main menu now lets you go through the options in the right order.
  • The damage percentage calculated on armour is no longer 255/256 when it should be 100%
  • The firing sound of the SAM site has been fixed.
  • The computer opponent can no longer capture your Advanced Communications Center.

There's a LOT more where that came from though. A quick overview of the new mission making and modding features:
  • New mission options allow changing house colours, making a building type (un)capturable in just one mission, changing the sidebar logo, unlocking the multiplayer-only units, and a lot more.
  • The number of missions in the New Missions menu has been expanded from 79 items per side to 979 items per side (20-999).
  • The New Missions Menu now has a system to add multiple missions as one menu item, to be played as campaign.
  • The number of multiplayer maps has been expanded from 99 to 256.
  • An entire dynamic language changing system allows adding new languages to the game.
  • A new modding system allows mods to be launched by the game. This means a mod's files put in the game folder will not affect the game unless the game is specifically launched to use them.
  • As a start of the implementation of an ini-rules system, all music settings are now 100% ini-based.

As showcase of the new modding system, I'm rereleasing my C&C Meets Star Wars mod. For those who haven't seen it before, this mod does not change gameplay in any way; it just replaces all graphics and sounds in the game to become Star Wars themed. It also contains an entire playlist of Star Wars themed music.

The patch, its language packs, and the C&C2SW mod, can all be found here:


Note that there is no full game download for 1.06c yet. It is of course perfectly possible to patch the full game install of 1.06b revision 2, which is still available on the site.

At this moment, the French and German game readmes are not yet available. They will be added later though.


CnCNet is back!
Posted by Nyerguds on January 1st, 2010

After three months of downtime, this awesome system to play C&C95 is back online! CnCNet, in combination with the C&C95 v1.06b patch, allows up to 6-player online games, all through the game's own LAN system.

The beauty of this system is its simplicity: the only thing the CnCNet application does is make sure the LAN players list in C&C95 is filled with online players instead of local ones - the game itself does all the rest smile.gif

Go check it out, we're having tons of fun smile.gif

Note: To people who still got CnCNet installed, you HAVE to download the new client. The old one's update system doesn't work because the old server is offline.

Main CnCNet site
Site chat & players lobby
Downloads page
Guide to setting up CnCNet


C&C Gold v1.06b revision 2 released!
Posted by Nyerguds on October 27th, 2009

Nyerguds Industries Proudly Presents:

Nyerguds Industries Slightly Less Proudly admits that the main fix in this new revision is for a crash caused by his own modifications to add the new Snow theater. A hotfix was already released to deal with this problem, but with this new release the actual 1.06 patch is stable without needing any additional updates.

Full changes list:

  • Fixed a crash that occured on temperate/winter/snow maps when showing the tree type 'T13' on the minimap after saving the game
  • Assigning unit teams to numbers (with [CTRL]+[number]) now works for the number 0 too, like in the DOS version
  • The box that appears in network games when the game tries to (re)connect to players is now centered in high resolution
  • Fixed the fact that the "Start New Game" function crashed the game if either of the campaign starting missions had no starting videos configured in the mission file
  • The Funpark launcher program no longer triggers virus scanners (it was never actually a virus though)


C&C95 High Resolution Patches
Posted by DeathRay2K on September 28th, 2007

Thanks to Komfr and Nyerguds, there is finally a way to play the original Command & Conquer at higher resolutions!
They have created patches for resolutions up to 1280x768. No longer will the game look chunky on modern displays!

Download them over at FilePlanet.


Unofficial C&C Gold 1.05
Posted by DeathRay2K on September 13th, 2007

EA released the original Command & Conquer free to download to commemorate C&C's 12th anniversary, but if you downloaded it you may have noticed that there was whole section of instructions on how to actually make it work in Windows XP!
To save you the trouble, and fix a major bug, ASM coder VK has released an unofficial patch to the game.
He calls it 1.05, and it makes C&C compatible with Windows XP, as well as fixing a major bug.

Here is VK's changelog for 1.05:
*Command & Conquer now Windows XP compatible!
*You no longer need to set "Windows 95 compatible mode"
*Included updated THIPX32.DLL file, which fix LAN games support.
*Map border crash no longer happen.

Visit VK's website to download the C&C 1.05 patch

Note that only C&C Gold 1.04 and the TFD version of C&C can be updated to 1.05.


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